Fancy your own Nebolus scavenger hunt?

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From the idea to implementation.

Just a few steps to your Nebolus scavenger hunt.

We are pleased that you want to use Nebolus in your practice. Nebolus is free of charge and requires no special technical knowledge. All you need is creativity and a little planning. The special feature: You can easily adapt Nebolus to your needs and local conditions to create a unique scavenger hunt.

Four steps to your own Nebolus scavenger hunt:

Register here for our Nebolus planning tool with just a few information.

As soon as your registration is complete, we will activate you for the planning tool and send you further information.

Now you can get started. With the activation you will receive access to important documents that will support you in the creation and implementation of your Nebolus scavenger hunt. In addition to story templates and a story manual, you will also receive an implementation guide and accompanying teaching materials.

As soon as you have published your Nebolus scavenger hunt, your target group can access it via the Nebolus app. The planning tool automatically creates a code for your scavenger hunt that you can pass on.

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