Nebolus – promoting health literacy in a fun way.

With Nebolus, you can raise awareness to health-related professionals and their services in your local surounding. From young to old: send your participants in teams on an interactive scavenger hunt to explore the health landscape in the neighbourhood and strengthen their knowledge, orientation skills and health literacy.

All about Nebolus

Strenghten health literacy through play.

Nebolus is a location-based game in which people of different age groups can discover and interact with local health-related stakeholders and their services in various settings such as schools, universities and communities via exciting and educational scavenger hunts.

This is how you can join.

In 4 simple steps to your own Nebolus scavenger hunt.

Register in the planning tool.

Register free of charge at Join now and get access to the Nebolus planning tool.

Plan your Nebolus scavenger hunt step by step.

With our step-by-step guide, you can plan your Nebolus scavenger hunt together with local stakeholders.

Design a Nebolus scavenger hunt in your browser.

With our digital planning tool, you can easily design your scavenger hunt online.

Here we go: the Nebolus scavenger hunts starts.

Once planned and designed, the target group can go through your scavenger hunt on their smartphone (e.g. as part of project days, first semester week).

Discover already implemented Nebolus scavenger hunts and get inspired.

Here you can get ideas on how you can use Nebolus in your local area.

Find examples of where and how Nebolus has already been successfully implemented. In the practical insights you will learn more about the respective scavenger hunts, the stakeholders involved, the practical implementation and the impressions of the participants.

We are constantly developing Nebolus further.
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Fulda University of Applied Sciences: First scavenger hunt

Through our Nebolus scavenger hunt, more than 100 first-semester students discovered 15 different professionals and their services on campus in a low-threshold and playful way, e.g. for performance pressure, exam anxiety or financial worries.

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Story template especially for university students

The new story template “Superhuman” is particularly suitable for scavenger hunts in the university setting. The main character Jasper takes performance-enhancing substances to cope with the excessive demands of his studies – a downward spiral begins and he seeks help from various experts.

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Planning tool: Registration open

Now you can easily register yourself in the Nebolus planning tool. Don’t have a free account yet? Register now and create your first scavenger hunt!

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The Nebolus team.

Nebolus is driven by an interdisciplinary team from public health, health promotion & prevention, social sciences and user experience design. Get in touch with us.

Prof. Dr. Kevin Dadaczynski
Prof. Dr. Kevin DadaczynskiProject lead
Demian Frank, M.A.
Demian Frank, M.A.Research associate
Mareike Brockmann, B.Sc.
Mareike Brockmann, B.Sc.Research associate
Fabrice Pöhlmann, M.A.
Fabrice Pöhlmann, M.A.UX Designer

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